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Rize of the iZINE™
Introducing The RIFT SUCCESS Publication - RIFT Magazine

Amazing how the email newsletter is becoming a fossil in the land of the internet.  More and more online resources are opting out to keeping the newsletter in their arsenal because it seems folks are no longer signing up to receive them.  Newsletters were once perceived to be a great source of marketing and a way to keep followers engaged.  Everyone wanted a newsletter, and some paid an exuberant amount of money just to get one…that is no longer the case.  In a new technologically advanced world, where the best toys and features get the best results, a new feature has entered the ring…ladies and gentlemen, introducing the iZINE.

So what exactly is an iZINE?  In the RIFT SUCCESS World, an iZINE is a term used to describe an Internet Magazine or iZINE. Unlike a newsletter, an iZINE is interactive and can even come with page turning sounds right at your fingertips.   iPads are known for their capabilities in handling websites in a magazine style, so to stay with technology and have one of the cool new toys, RIFT SUCCESS has created its own RIFT Magazine via the iZINE concept.

RIFT Magazine introduces its first issue with information about our company, websites, services, and team.  We’ve also included an interview with our CEO Junior Sanchez {LION} from an international magazine.  In future issues we’ll be including information about and from other businesses and entrepreneurs.  We’ve already begun getting submissions for inclusion since the beta testing of the first issue.  If you’re looking to get something posted and included for free, please email riftmag@riftsuccess.com for consideration.

We asked our COO Jennifer Rasbach what she thought of the new concept, “I think it’s brilliant!”  She continued, “To take something like the prehistoric newsletter concept and give it an upgrade into the new internet is terrific.  I use both an iPad and a Tablet and love the fact that anything I read can be literally in the palm of my hand and still feel like a book or a magazine.  I believe that the iZINE is going to be a huge SUCCESS!”

We certainly know so Jennifer, and we’re happy you like our creation.  Our fearless leader also shares his thoughts with us, “I love it!”  He exclaims, “It’s one of the coolest concepts we’ve added to our arsenal.  The possibilities of its use are immense.  The RIFT SUCCESS Daily already showcases stories from our Twitter followers, and now our own publication can feature articles from our clients, family, and colleagues.  Now our newsletter subscribers to receive an inbox message displaying the iZINE RIFT Magazine and all for free!  You just can’t beat that type of coolness.”

Absolutely Junior, and we know how much it means to our entire team to be able to showcase more and more information.  So without further delay, we introduce you to the first RIFT SUCCESS iZINE in RIFT Magazine.  (click on image to be directed to the publication)




  • http://www.riftsuccess.com David Porter

    Brilliant! Always on the cutting edge you guys. Thank you.


      Thanks for the support Mr. Porter! :)

  • Helga

    An excellent post. It that is necessary to me for advancement of my business.

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